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DAIS believes that a successful school is the result of building a strong communication network. Our goal is to create a school that emphasizes a partnership between school and family, providing an environment of openness, responsiveness and communication. An environment that places the child’s well being at the center. Communication between parents, teachers and administrators is vital for our students’ success. Therefore, we have systems in place to ensure that parents are regularly informed of their child’s growth and success.

Communication Strategies

Our home/school communication strategies include:

  • A parent program presentation in the Fall.
  • Parent/teacher conference.Regular parent/teacher conference days to be held on:
  1.  Sundays for High school parents  
  2.  Tuesdays for KG      
  3.  Wednesdays for DSDC & Middle School
  4.  Thursdays for Elementary      
  • DAIS newsletters.
  • Invitations to plays, presentations and performances.
  •  Report cards to be distributed each term.
  • Letters and calendars outlining school activities and events.
  • Renweb system to post grades and lesson plans for parents and students to access.
  • Internal Contacts Only for Dover parents :
    KG  01027713776
    Elementary  01024998052
    Middle School  01098677733
    High School  01000026734
    Front Desk  01000028264
    Accounting  01000026798
    Transportation  01000028267
    Students Affairs  01024648582
    DSDC (Dover Student Development Center)   01024648579

School Conferences

Formal parent/teacher conferences are held, more information on formal conferences is sent home prior to the conference dates. Outside of those formal times, requests for individual teacher conferences must be scheduled at least two days in advance through the Office.  Tuesdays are set aside for parent/teacher conferences.  Students are invited to be a part of the conference.


The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) was initiated last year to increase parental involvement at DAIS. The group meets monthly as a whole with the School Director and functions with project subcommittees.
The first project will be a Winter Book Fair. These projects were designed to serve as community-building activities and as a means of further communication and relationship building between students, parents and teachers.
The Winter Book Fair supported our Reading Focus Week. Vendors brought “for sale” collections to be viewed when our classes came to visit and for after school parent selection. The discounted items were age appropriate and written in both English and Arabic.
Also the Parent Advisory Committee will create and fully supervised DAIS’s parents played games and used the outdoor facilities. Seniors helped to organize and host the games through various clubs within the school.
Parental involvement has improved communication among and between parents, staff and administration. The parents enjoy each other’s company on the Parents Advisory Committee working together to build relationships that create a supportive educational climate.